Latinx and Latin American Studies Center

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We support interdisciplinary research that contests the epistemic boundaries that have traditionally separated the study of Latin America from the United States, the Latinx diaspora, and indigenous peoples. These separations elide the decisive affective, geopolitical and neo/colonial ties that have shaped the development of the hemisphere. Members will develop research on the discursive and material ways that space is produced, performed, and contested across the Americas and contribute to building scholarship and spaces that analyze the circulation of peoples, culture, economic activities, and social movements across borders.

Hemispheric thinking necessitates a mode of research that crosses as many borders – cultural, political, and disciplinary – as do the people of the American continent. Each academic year, members will vote on an annual theme to organize reading groups, writing workshops, speaker engagements, and local collaborations to examine how emerging and already existing knowledges can be used to engage with and transform spatial practices. Projects will explore the intersections between political economy, gender and sexual formations, race and ethnicity, geography and social movements with an attention to how these produce and animate a hemispheric imaginary.

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